Racist Trolls Stalk FKA Twigs Because She's Dating Robert Pattinson


This is a shame


Mariette Valsan as ENCHANTRESS

model : mariette valsan
make up & hair : Chetan Karkhanis
styling : sushant panchal & Mehak Mina
concept & photography : sushant panchal
assistant photographer : Parija Shinde & Priyanka Kirve
jewellery : sia jewellery


As an exit to my blog I would like to say this. I am very educated and smart. I am currently in college and I have a 3.2 cum G.P.A. I have no problems with blacks. I used to date a chocolate guy and obviously we were intimate. Now if that points to racism, then your logic doesn’t make sense.

My whole life I have been friends with minorities and so has everyone else in my family. My older brother even did some missionary work in Ghanna for one summer and dated one of the native African American girls while there. We were just raised in a home in which we were taught to think freely and express ourselves. 

I am sorry if I offended anyone with my posts. I am not racist at all. I think black people deserve the rights we gave them and should keep them,

That being said I believe it is time for black people to behave and better themselves and stop forcing the world to occomodate them. A black that I really admire, Pharrel, was speaking on the Queen Latifah show and said blacks should embrace the positivity life has to offer and he called it new black. I completely agrree. It is time to start a neew. America is for black people now but only if you people want it. I’m crying hysterically now so I’ll leave you all with this quote by a great black man, “How do we stop racism? We stop talking about it.”


There’s so much wrong in this….this has to be a troll……..lol



can the united states just chill for one day

Nigga the USA hasn’t chilled since fuck boy Chris sailed his ass here by mistake

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A graduate student has created the first man-made biological leaf. It absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant. He did this by suspending chloroplasts in a mixture made out of silk protein. He believed it can be used for many things but the most striking one is the thought that it could be used for long distance space travel. Plants do not grow in space, but this synthetic material can be used to produce oxygen in a hostile environment. (Video)



Pumpkin Spice came back about a week agoooooo